Friday, February 20, 2009

I've written it.

I've written my eternal truth.
"I want to see Your people run to You knowing why their arms are outstretched."

Finally. This song came spewing out when I was frustrated. A friend of mine pointed me to a verse that said to pour my heart out to God. I started to think about what I wanted more than anything. There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more profound, nothing more pleasing to me that to see a group of people with lives abandoned and arms outstretched to the God who saved them. I cant explain the joy and utter relief I feel when I see this.

"My joy to know Your children singing Hosanna's and praises to You."

Today, I feel His love in such a practical way and it blesses me.

Thank you, Father, for the music You've given me today. Thank you for the eternal truth You remind me of. Thank you for Your promises.

Who is God for you today?
Today, He is a promise.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Never and Honest Word...

Bethany Dillon wrote a song of what she sees happening...or what she wants to see.
I see a generation rising up no longer accepting lies, running to the battlefield and losing their lives.

I wrote a song not too long ago, but I cant find my journal. I think im going to have to rewrite it. Anyway, i want to write about what she wrote. something that matters. something that i want to see, feel, hear, be a part of.
not just my stupid feelings that dont matter.
and then there's jon foreman.
c'mon c'mon c'mon, everythings waiting.
we will rise with the wings of the dawn when everythings new.

why am i uncapable of writing something eternal like that.
something that matters.
my lyrics are so trivial.
and its annoying.

are we, mankind, so pathetic that we would wait for the presence a near death nation in order to start saving lives?

my heart hurts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I can't handle this anymore.
You figure it out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rise up.
I want to see us rising up to do what we said we'd start.

Rise up.
Here is a generation of losers
lost in their mess
gone in their torture

Who's in this?
Get ready to go, go, go.
Who's in this?
Get ready to show, show, show.

Here we go
we're the new generation
Here we go
our enemies will be broken by love
Here we go
Start a new revival stand up to our tradition
Lets start a new show, lets go.

Rise up.
To a new foundation not built on sand.
into gorgeous sights under reaching hands

Rise up.
we're creating an eternal sound
apart from our parents apart from their hounds

Who's in this?
get ready to go, go, go
Who's in this?
get ready to show, show, show

Here we go
we want to be the free generation
Here we go
our enemies will be broken by love
Here we go
start a revival stand up to our tradition
lets start a show, lets go

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jon Foreman Dared You to Move, I Dare You to Love

I was reminded of my purpose at sandals tonight. How many times can I forget that?
I love to worship. I love to lift up my voice and sing to Him. I love making up the words to sing and I love singing something other than whats expected. I love to dance around and allow the passion behind this voice to let loose. I love to raise my hands and point to Him. I love to lift up His name and feel the words of my heart erupt into harmony and melody. I love that the chords and notes submerge me in His presence.
But even more than that.
I love people.
I love being able to talk to them. I love being able to love them with everything I have. I love helping them through their hard times. I love knowing that even my arm around their shoulders is the only comfort they need. I love that I can be silent and know that Im helping. I love, more than anything in this world, being able to reach out to the broken through my voice, my passion, my purpose. I love leading the lost to Him through my melodies...His melodies. Its a beautiful creation, beautiful thought, gorgeous plan He has for me. And its mine.
There's more to this than just loving Him.
Ive always questioned: why cant i just be in love with Him?
Because, Lauren, I've commanded you to love people.
Why did I wonder why I have such a caring heart that is burdened by those who are hurting, those who have been broken, and those who are lost? Why am I so affected when I heat about a broken heart?
Its because I have His heart. He's given me His heart.
It makes perfect sense.
Break my heart for what breaks Yours.
And He has. So why am I surprised.
I dare you to love. Love His children as much as you love Him. I've never been so sure that this pleases Him and blesses Him more than anything.
There will be more to come about this.