Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had an interesting encounter...

Today in philosophy, we started watching Gattaca. I looked up to see one of my favorite parts of Ecclesiastes. I think its chapter 7. "What is twisted cannot be straightened."
I never really thought about what this means.
What does it mean?
Well obviously something that is twisted isnt straight. But, it can be straightened right? I mean, if a chord is twisted, cant i manipulate it to make it straight?
so what does King Solomon mean when he says, "what is twisted cannot be straightened"?

I think it could mean a few things.
1. What you have done, is done. You cant go back and undo it. You cant go back and change it. Maybe he's saying that you shouldnt regret it? Dont regret what you cannot change? The serenity prayer comes into mind. Help me to accept the things I cannot change...If youve twisted it, its twisted. You cannot straighten it since its already twisted. Done.

2. Then again. It could have something to do with being who we are. If we are one thing, we cannot be another. Surely, we remain the same person. Once we are twisted, we cannot be straightened? That doesnt seem to make sense. Maybe its that once we are one person, once we are made into that personality, that person, that identity...we are that person, identity, personality forever. We cannot change into someone or something else. That seems to make more sense. Maybe it seems, now, too depressing that we cannot change who we are. We cannot become something else. King Solomon grew as a person. He tried new things, experienced new experiences and became something greater. Still himself. But better. A better King Solomon.

Thinking about it now. Maybe it means both.
It probably does.
I dont know why im typing all of this out, but I just thought I would share my thinking in it.
What is twisted cannot be straightened. What is lacking cannot be counted.